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FIXWiki is a wiki containing data from the FIX specification. There is a FIXWiki page for each FIX message, component, field, value or type.

In addition to definitions taken from the specification, each page also has an area for user comments, clarifications, corrections, examples or suggestions. Please contribute. You will need to log in if you want to contribute.

FIXWiki was created by John Cameron of Cameron Edge and donated to FIX Protocol Ltd. for the benefit of the FIX community. It is freely accessible by members of FPL.

To edit FIXwiki pages you must request a login account. All login account requests will be reviewed by the FPL Program Office. Account requests will be granted only to those who are employees of a FPL member institution in good standing. You are responsible for protecting and securing your login details. You must keep your login details secret and take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised or fraudulent use of them.

Quick Start

Type one of the following into the search box on the left and click Go or press Enter/Return:

  • a FIX message or component name (e.g. Confirmation or Parties)
  • a FIX field name (e.g. Quantity)
  • a FIX tag number (e.g. 54)

or if you just want to browse, click on one of the following links:

Click on the FIX Protocol logo at the top left at any time to return to this main page.

More Detail

Using FIXWiki.

Structure of FIXWiki.

About FIXWiki.

How to use FIXwiki Video Guide

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