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FIXWiki is in two parts:

  • The part containing data from the FIX specification
  • The part contributed by users

All FIX specification data is located in the FPL namespace. Access to that namespace is restricted to read only. This is because the content of pages in this namespace is generated automatically directly from the FIX specification. It can only change when the specification itself is changed.

User contributions are made in the main (blank) namespace. Anyone who registers with FIXWiki can read and modify pages in this area. (A confirmed valid email address is required in order to make changes).

Each FIX related page in the FIXWiki main namespace consists of the read only FIX specification part (included from the FPL namespace) followed by the user contributed part which can be freely edited by any registered user.


Categories are also used to impose structure on FIXWiki.

There are several different types of category.

FIX entity categories

There are categories for each type of FIX entity (messages, components, fields, types and values):

All pages about FIX messages are in the Message category
All pages about FIX components are in the Component category
All pages about FIX fields are in the Field category
All pages about FIX data types are in the Type category
All pages about FIX special enumerated values are in the Value category

See the special pages associated with these categories for more information. (Click on the links in the above list).

FIX version categories

There is a category for each FIX version. For example, Category:FIX.4.0.

Pages relating to a particular FIX version are in the corresponding FIX version category.

FIX extension pack categories

There is a category for each FIX extension pack. For example, Category:EP157.

Pages relating to particular FIX extension pack are in the corresponding FIX extension pack category.

There is also a master category called ExtensionPack to which all extension packs belong. See Category:ExtensionPack.

FIX message categories

There is a category for each FIX message or component. Each page about a FIX field (or component) will belong to the message or component categories of all messages or components that it appears in.

This allows FIXWiki to automatically keep track of which fields appear in which messages and components. Similarly it can keep track of which components appear in other components or messages.


Pages for FIX messages and components have subpages which show their different contents according to FIX version. For example, the subpage Reject/FIX.4.2-5.0 shows the contents of the FIX reject message in FIX versions 4.2 through 5.0.

Pages for FIX fields which have enumerated values have a subpage for each possible value. So each FIXWiki value page is a subpage of the page of its associated field. For example, the subpage Side/4 SellPlus has details on the "SellPlus" value (4) of the FIX Side field. See Category:Value for more information on value subpages.