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Spell checking FIX documentation

Often we turn off spell checking when we are writing FIX documentation because of the large number of spelling "errors" triggered by FIX names for things like messages and fields. For example, the standard FIX message name "ExecutionReport" will normally be reported as a spelling error. You can usually add words manually to a custom dictionary one at a time as you encounter them but this is tedious and you may mistakenly add non standard names - for example "ExecutionRpt".

However, most text editors (including Microsoft Word) do allow you to import a whole file of new words into a custom dictionary.

The file FIXNames.txt has been generated directly from the FPL FIX repository. It contains all the standard FIX names (message names, field names etc) in a single file suitable for importing into a custom dictionary.

As an example, the following section describes how to use this file to create a FIX custom dictionary for Microsoft Word.

Instructions for importing FIXNames.txt into a Microsoft Word custom dictionary

  1. Download the FIX names file - Click here to download FIXNames.txt
  2. Create a custom dictionary and import FIXNames.txt into it (search for Create Dictionary in Microsoft Word's

help for instructions on how to do this for your particular version of Word)

FIX Specification

The ultimate FIX documentation, of course, is the FIX specification itself. It would benefit greatly from being spell checked.

Over the years, the FIX specification has accumulated numerous typing errors as well as references to non existent, obsolete or non standard FIX names.

For example, the execution report message is sometimes referred to as "ExecutionRpt", sometimes as "Execution Report", sometimes it is just misspelled altogether. The standard name for this message in the FIX repository is "ExecutionReport". All references in the specification should be corrected to use this.

Spell checking the spec will have the following advantages:

  • It will immediately pick up numerous errors
  • The spec will become clearer for the reader - there can be no confusion about what FIX artifact is being referred to
  • Forced use of standard FIX names will facilitate automated detection of hyperlinks - useful in tools such as

FIXwiki and FIXimate. The spec itself could be processed to increase the use of hyperlinks within itself - eg click directly to a message definition from wherever that message is referred to.

  • It will significantly reduce the chance of new errors being introduced into the specification in future

Contents of FIXNames.txt

The file contains all standard FIX names (as defined by the FIX Repository) which are three or more characters long.

This includes names for the following FIX artifacts:

  • Messages
  • Fields
  • Components
  • Enumerated values
  • Data types